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Historically one of the first planned cities within British Indiait has long since developed into a cosmopolitan metropolis. Faisalabad was restructured into city district status; a devolution promulgated by the local government ordinance LGO. The surrounding countryside, irrigated by the lower Chenab Riverproduces cotton, wheat, sugarcane, maize, vegetables and fruits. The city is an industrial centre with major railway repair yards, engineering works, and mills that process sugar, flour, and oil seed.

Faisalabad is a major producer of superphosphates, cotton and silk textiles, hosiery, dyes, industrial chemicals, beverages, clothing, pulp and paper, printing, agricultural equipment, and ghee clarified butter.

The Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry monitors industrial activity in the city and reports their findings to the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and provincial government.

The city has a major dry port and international airport. The city has its own cricket team, Faisalabad Wolveswhich is based at the Iqbal Stadium. Faisalabad district actually began as Lyallpur district in and prior to that, was a tehsil of Jhang district. According to the University of Faisalabadthe city of Faisalabad traces its origins to the 18th century when the land was inhabited by a number of forest-dwelling tribes.

It is believed these early settlements belonged to the ancient districts of Jhang and Sandalbarwhich included the area between Shahdara to Shorekot and Sangla Hill to Toba Tek Singh.

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By the midth century, the economic and administrative collapse of provinces within the Mughal Empirefrom Punjab to Bengalled to its dissolution. Young designed the city centre to replicate the design in the Union Jack with eight roads extending from a large clock tower at its epicentre; [27] a design geometrically symbolic of the Cross of Saint Andrew counterchanged with the Cross of Saint Patrickand Saint George's Cross over all.

Inthe new district of Lyallpur was formed to include the tehsils of Samundri and Toba Tek Singh with a sub-tehsil at Jaranwalawhich later became a full tehsil in itself. Lyallpur grew into an established agricultural tool and grain centre.

faisalabad district

In Augustfollowing three decades of nationalist struggles, India and Pakistan achieved independence. The British agreed to partition colonial India into two sovereign states — Pakistan with a Muslim majority, and India with a Hindu majority; however, more Muslims remained in India than what governing authorities believed would assimilate into Pakistan.

There were also respective divisions of the British Indian Armythe Indian Civil Servicevarious administrative services, the central treasury, and the railways. InPakistani authorities changed the name of the city to "Faisalabad" to honour the close relationship of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia with Pakistan. This led to more monetary funds returning to the city that aided the development of the region. The aim of the city district government is to empower politics by improving governance which basically involved decentralising administrative authority with the establishment of different departments and respective department heads, all working under one platform.Justice is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, equity of fairness, as well as the administration of law, taking into account the inalienable and inborn rights of all human beings and citizens, the right of all people and individuals to equal protection before the law of their civil rights, without discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, color, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, read more This website is for the public utility to know about their case status and other detail.

It has been initially launched to the extent of session courts and same shall be extended to all courts within District. District Judiciary Faisalabad has launched its website with complete solution of automation of courts. Search Criminal Case. Police Station. FIR No.

Enter your cnic number. Online Cause List. Date of Hearing. Cause List.

faisalabad district

Advacne Search Case. Civil Court. Judge's Name Select Judge Name Civil Case. Categories Select Category Institution Date to. Enter your CNIC number. Search Case by ID.

Case I. Automation of Courts of District Judiciary Fsd Apr This website is for the public utility to know about their case status and other detail. District Judiciary Faisalabad Apr District Judiciary Faisalabad has launched its website with complete solution of automation of courts.Faisalabad was originally known as Chenab Colony, then Sandalbar and then Lyallpur.

Faisalabad was also the site of where two major battles took place between the British Empire and the Sikh armies.

355 police officers in Faisalabad booked for crimes

This led to the canal based irrigation of the areas now comprising the district of Faisalabad. The eight roads developed into eight separate bazaars.

The construction of artificial canals allowed the surrounding areas to be irrigated. The town grew rapidly as farmers settled on newly irrigated land. With the extensively planned distribution of land the canal irrigated areas of Sandal Bar soon became populated.

This led to a rapid transformation of the nomadic environment of the Bar into a more agriculture based one. In the British Raj decided to join Faisalabad then Lyallpur with a rail link to major rail network to transport agricultural surplus to the ports to be shipped to European markets. The majestic Clock Tower was constructed out of the funds raised by the landowners, who collected it at a rate of Rs. The fund thus raised was handed over to the Town Committee, which undertook to complete the project.

Houses and shops had been constructed to cater to the ordinary needs of the population.

faisalabad district

In it was decided to establish an agricultural college. Bythe district headquarters began to function in Lyallpur and all the bazaars and settlements within the bounds of a ring road were nearing completion. The city began to spread outside the circular road. Inthe grain market saw its shops surging with customers. In the same year the civil hospital was expanded. With the advent of World War II, there was an increase in political awareness across the city.

Revolutionary meetings were held, fiery speeches made, and slogans written on walls. The first colonisation officer Aurangzeb Khan made sure that no individual in this district owned more than 25 squares acres 2. The merit or method of allotting the land was to check each individual's hand who was applying for some land, and if the hands showed that individual had worked hard in the past, only then was land given to him, which has led to a district where there aren't any big land owners, as the land has been equally distributed amongst hard working men and it is their hard work that has led to Faisalabad becoming the third richest district in Pakistan.

Some industrial areas were kept on the East of the main canal which is present-day People's Colony and Madina town. The urban areas were kept to the west of the canal, as sweet ground water flowed from the canal to the river Chenab, the consequence of changing former industrial area into urban areas has been a lack of proper drinkable water for those living in peoples colony and Madina town.

These earlier development of industrial areas led to industrialization of the city of Faisalabad right from its inception.

Initial industrial setup were related to cotton and basic textiles, still the most dominant industry of the city with more value added products. Besides textiles food processing, grain crushing and small chemical industry was established in the pre-second World War era.In the last four-and-a-half month, cases were registered against police officers, including three inspectors, 30 sub-inspectors and hundreds of assistant sub-inspectors.

During the period of CPO Faisalabad Captain r Sohail Chaudhry, the process of self-accountability began in police and arrest of several well-known SHOs was made, according to data compiled by police. FIR was lodged against the accused for abduction for ransom, extortion and threats. Constables Arshad, Tajmul and Inspector Rafiq were arrested for selling drugs.

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Mian Munawar Iqbal. At least policemen in Faisalabad district have been found involved in various crimes, including patronage of terrorism, murder, attempted murder, extortion, kidnapping for ransom, abduction and drug trafficking. Start planning your holiday now! Ad Microsoft.

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Cras a sem mattis, tincidunt urna nec, iaculis nisl. Nam congue ultricies dui.Faisalabadformerly until Lyallpurcityeast-central Punjab province, Pakistanin the Rechna Doab upland.

The city, the district headquarters, is a distributing centre centrally located in the Punjab plain and connected by road, rail, and air with Multan and Lahore and by air with Lahore and Karachi. It became headquarters of the Lower Chenab colony and in was incorporated as a municipality. Industries produce chemical fertilizer, synthetic fibres, drugs and pharmaceuticals, canned products, ghee clarified butteroil, soap, textiles, hosierysugar, and flour.

It is also a wholesale market for cloth and grain. Amenities include two parks, several schools, the West Pakistan Agricultural University establishedand a number of colleges affiliated with the University of the Punjab. The surrounding region consists of a fertile plain between the Chenab and Ravi rivers that is irrigated by the Lower Chenab Canal.

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The chief crops are wheat, cotton, and sugarcane. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback.


Thank you for your feedback. Faisalabad Pakistan. See Article History. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Milkha Singh. Milkha Singh, Indian track-and-field athlete who became the first Indian male to reach the final of an Olympic athletics event when he placed fourth in the metre race at the Olympic Games in Rome. Orphaned during the partition of India, Singh moved to India from Pakistan in He eked….

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Pakistani singer who is considered one of the greatest performers of qawwali, a Sufi Muslim devotional music characterized by simple melodies, forceful rhythms, and energetic improvisations that encourage a state of euphoria in the listener. Bhagat Singh, revolutionary hero of the Indian independence movement. He began to protest British rule in India while still….

History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Dayevery day in your inbox! Email address. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox.Faisalabad was once part of ancient district Jhang and Sandalbar, mainly consisting of thick forests and local tribes.

The city of Lyallpur came into being in with the city center designed by Captain Poham Young, to imitate the Union Flag with eight roads radiating from a large clock tower Ghenta Ghar in the centre of eight separate bazaars.

Inthe rail link between Wazirabad and Lyallpur was completed. As the progress of colonization stepped up, Lyallpur was given the status of a Tehsil of Jhang District and its administration carried on in tents on the old Theh Mound of Pucca Mari near Tariqabad. The city grew into a strong industrial and agricultural centre and on independence of Pakistan it was a major urban area.

Faisalabad District

Faisalabad is located in the northeast of Punjab. The city covers an area of approximately square kilometers, comprising largely of flat or rolling plains. It has a population of around 5 million. It is also the third largest city of Pakistan. The soil of the district is very fertile. The average rainfall is about mm.

There is also a dual carriageway from Lahore to Faisalabad via Sheikhupura.

faisalabad district

Health Sciences Wing of the University is located 2km off the toll plaza on Sargodha Road while travelling towards the city. Engineering Wing is situated on the West bank of Canal and is about 5km from Abdullahpur crossing or 3km from Gatwala Park located on the Sheikhupura Road. Faisalabad International Airport is about 10km from the city center. Passenger flights are run by the national flag carrier as well as other domestic airlines.

An exclusive Daewoo Express coach service along with several other coach services originate from the city linking all major cities of the country.

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